Other Therapy

Practical Mind Programming

Every action starts with thought. So good though leads to good action and bad though are associated with bad action. What we see and experience have great influence on us. Our subconscious and conscious mind plays an important role in it. Our subconscious mind help in programming of our brain computer. In Practical mind programming we program this Subconscious mind. Imagination power of human mind is unbelievable. This therapy uses this power and train your subconscious mind to instruct our subconscious mind.

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy [ MBCT ]

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is one tool that can help us learn to recognize and understand our thought and feeling patterns, with the goal of creating new, more effective patterns.

Supportive Psychotherapy

Supportive psychotherapy is the attempt by a therapist bv any practical means whatever to help patients deal with their emotional distress and problems in living. It includes comforting, advising, encouraging, reassuring, and mostly listening, attentively and sympathetically.

Solution focused brief therapy

Solution-focused brief therapy - also known as solution-focused therapy - is an approach to psychotherapy based on solution-building rather than problem-solving. Although it acknowledges present problems and past causes, it predominantly explores an individual's current resources and future hopes - helping them to look forward and use their own strengths to achieve their goals.