Mental Health

What is Mental Health

In our society there are lots of misconception about mental illness. Still it is considered as social taboo. As per WHO by 2020 around 30 % people will be suffering from mental illness. Now a days due to advanced technology new form of diseases like cyberchondria, selfie mania are getting intensified. People do not accept that they have this kind of mental illness so it gets intensified and they will fall in the trap of it .


How it works

In these disease medicines are also used, but it has many side effects and recovery of patiemt become difficult. In Manpravah along with hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, CBT, REBT, MBCT, Supportive Psychotherapy used to cure these disease.


Where it is useful

1   Depression, Stress

2   Loneliness

3   OCD, Schizophrenia

4   Hysteria, Insomnia

5   Tension, Anxiety

6   Panic, Phobia