Marital Relationship

What is Marital Relationship

Hunband and wife and balanced wheels of vehicle, but miscommunication in these relationship disturb family life. To strengthen bonds of these relation you require communication. Manpravah provide platform to express your feeling. In Marital life many up and downs come, sometimes relation get stretched till divorce .


How it works

Pre Marital Counselling - If you have discussed freely with your partner before marriage then it is possible to avoid many problem that may occur after marriage. Without undue expectation your relation get nourished.
Sex Therapy - Sex is important Part of human life. But because of misconception about sex many problems get created. This therapy is special type of counselling where different type of sexual problems discussed.


Where it is useful

1   Family relation

2   Awareness about responsibility

3   Control on anger

4   Decision about children

5   Finance, Carrer

6   Sex Life