Child Counselling

What is Child Counselling

In todays world of competition stress on students is increasing. Because of increased use of Internet, TV, Mobile, Social Meedia mental stress on students is increasing. Children are innocent but in Teenage they become rebel. If they get right guidance track of their life can be changed. Forceful you can not change children. People do not accept that they have this kind of mental illness so it gets intensified and they will fall in the trap of it .


How it works

In Manpravah with the help of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, REBT, CBT, Family Therapy, MBCT, NLP makes children mentally strong to tackle any exam like UPSC, MPSC and other competitive exam. In UPSC and other Competitive Exam you require stable mind and concentration along with study . You need to focus on your goal to achieve it. Manpravah is friend, philosopher and guide of children.


Where it is useful

1   Teenage Related Issues

2   Child Parent Relationship

3   Friends

4   Nuclear Family problem

5   Use of Technology

6   Habits of eating